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5 randoms… April 11, 2010

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Do you sing outloud in the car while driving?

-Of course I do! What women doesn’t?! But poor Jack… he stares at me like a bomb just went off in the car. So I only try to do it when I am alone.

What would you be embarrassed by if you were caught doing?

-Ooo man! Not a whole lot…. Well it depends on who catches me. I would have to say.. sex. I would be VERY embarrassed if any of you came in.

Will you go #2 in a public restroom?

-umm.. yes. It has never crossed my mind NOT to poo in a public restroom until I met someone this year who would NEVER use it for that. I still don’t get why people don’t. DON’T FIGHT NATURE!!!!You all know how much it hurts holding that crap in! *hehehe*  I will do whatever it takes to get to a toilet pronto! Lemme ask the question to those who wouldn’t…. would you go in nature if you were camping and had no where else to go? I am a hole digger… are you?

Have you ever broken a bone?

-Nope! Fractured both my big toes ( that’s why they  are double ugly) while roller blading. A couple other little mishaps too.. but never a bone

Do you prefer baking or cooking?

-Take out.


“Help! I’ve popped and can’t get up!” April 10, 2010

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5 months preggo! 1/2 way there!


bad parenting.. April 8, 2010

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This is what happens when you aren’t watching your child. Let me explain… I gave Jack a sucker but he was drooling it ALL over the house ALL over the carpet. I kept putting him outside but he kept coming back in. So I put him on our porch and shut the slider so he couldn’t come back in. Then I proceeded to finish watching my show.I thought he was safe out there… I guess I was wrong! He started crying really hard and when I came out he was pointing to the ground. I looked all over his legs and feet but no injuries. Then I found that massive slice on the back of his arm a  little while later. He got it by going down the slide and slicing it along the fence..I investigated. I guess I am a good investigator but a lousy parent!


a healthy swap… April 5, 2010

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I LOVE french fries! I wish that I can say that I only eat them while I am pregnant cause that’s when I only crave them… not true. I crave them ALL the time! But MOSTLY when I am pregnant. I don’t know if this means cause I am having another boy,because I craved them every single day while with Jack. I love McDees fries the most. Then Island’s fries with ranch, and Claim Jumper fries.. etc. I usually get a large fry for Jack and I to ‘share’. Yeah right! I have 10 to his 2! He is a fry monster though…I got me some fries last week from McDees, and I saved him some for when I got home. I took them out and laid them on his little kids table. I run upstairs to talk to Tim. After a couple of minutes I hear whinning then I hear something being ripped.. oh crap! I run downstairs to a very funny scence. J had gone into the trash can, pulled out the McDonalds bag and ripped the whole thing about looking for more… This sounds like someone I know. ME! I eat a large fry then I search the bag for any stragglers. I know Megan and Kaylin are saying, “oh sick! What a piggy!” BUT I would much rather have a large fry to myself than a brownie or cookies or any other dessert. To each his own.

I realized that this was turning into a problem though. I was seriously eating fries 3-4 times a week. Yes, I know sickening..but I am just being honest. And everyone now knows my veiny problem.. which means I DON”T want to gain too much weight this time around. The more weight, the more pressure on my weak circulation. SO! I am stepping up to the plate! Or in this case, stepping AWAY from the plate! *cracking self up*

I vowed last week, NO MORE FRENCH FRIES FOR THE REST OF MY PREGNANCY! “Easy!” You say. Not so much for me. This is like saying, no desserts for 5 months Megan. Or no more coffee or tea for 5 months Kaylin. I am hoping to trick myself too. Cause after the birth, hell no do I wanna stay fat! Baby steps. This is going to be sooo hard! But I am determined! My last fry was last Monday. A whole week ago!

So cause all I want in life right now is something warm and easy to eat and crunchy and very salty.. I am swapping fries for veggie stix. ….yum….

Wish me luck!


photo friday… April 3, 2010

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Maybe I should just make it a ‘photo of the week’

my favorite picture! Just like his mother! Eat that donut Jack!!


it’s coming in the mail!!!!! March 31, 2010

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It’s something that I have been DYING for for months now.And to find out that it comes in styles for pregnant women was a PLUS! It will be so much more fashionable than what I have now… mine is loose and hangs so low, it’s so outta style, but THIS puppy… wow. I am so thrilled to call it mine! Do you wanna know what it is??

If anyone knows me very well, you know my huge grotesque problem I have while being preggo… I am in constant pain and it is uglier than anything else you get while pregs..I would swap this puppy for stretch marks all over my body any day! Yes, it’s that bad. Vericose veins are disgusting and overwhelmingly painful. THIS is why I am so excited for what’s coming in the mail!! It will be all over body relief! If you don’t know what it is, it’s a compression hose for both your legs! It really tight and very hot.. I know that I will have a love/hate relationship with them come mid Summer.. but I still can’t wait for it to come!!!!!


Hey it’s ok! March 30, 2010

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to try and sing twangy country as loud as my lungs can take it.

to still stare at your engagement/wedding ring like it was just put on your finger.

to eat a large fry and still look for more “run aways” in the bag.

to be scared to death of  owning 2 kids.

to not understand what the crap a Diva Cup is.

to gag whenever you see someone ( hey, I have seen a man once) pushing their dog in a stroller.. sick.

to be 25 1/2 , with a child and one on the way to stay up til close to midnight playing computer games *covers face in shame*

to make iced tea at home but still put it in a saved Starbucks cup.. it feels like the real deal.

to wipe your sons snots on his own shirt instead of your own.

to let your cats outside on purpose in hopes of them not finding their way home..but damn it! they always do! .. maybe that’s not really ok, but for me it is.

to be repulsed by Keira Knightly, yet watch her Pride and Prejudice over and over.

to encourage your husband to cross stich just so you can hop on the computer to check your mail… a whole other post.

to still dream of winning the lottery.

to be fascinated by ghosts!

to collect farts under the sheets while the love of your life is on his way to bed…hehehe..